creates productivity tools and services for technology authors. We're hard-wired to provide best-of-breed development experiences (DX), which keep high-value technology talent happy, engaged, and retained. We've grown organically from open source roots, providing tools used daily by 250K+ developers worldwide.

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ButlerLogic is the next iteration of our technology consulting practice. We are experts in systems architecture, business intelligence, web engineering, and technology organization development. We also provide quality control for staffing firms, leveraging our experience and network within bleeding edge technologies.

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PeopleFlow is a data refinery and collaboration suite built for People Analytics. By integrating directly with multiple HR systems, the refinery assures data access, integrity, and value. PeopleFlow insights makes HR a first class citizen in the board room.

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Corey Butler is the primary partner and managing director of the Ecor Ventures portfolio, as well as the Practice Lead at ButlerLogic. As a "tech translator", he's helped 100+ companies turn web/data technology & it's workforce into profits. He's an open source advocate, a member of the Node.js Foundation, and an active Github contributor.